An advanced approach to pain management and restoring and maximizing movement.
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Neurological Physiotherapy
Where manual methods and technology merge to treat joint and muscular conditions and inflammations.
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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Reactivating and mobilizing muscle groups and lost balance due to impaired nerves.
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Pediatrics Physiotherapy
A detailed treatment and prevention option for developmental and neurological impairments in kids.
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Gynae Physiotherapy
A trusted health option for women to treat their pelvic pain, incontinence, and post-labor.
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Geriatrics Physiotherapy
Focused care for seniors’ core strength, balance, movement and well-being.
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Dry Cupping
An ancient practice where a suction draws fluid to stimulate a healing response.
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Dry Needling
Microfilament needles are inserted to treat stubborn trigger points, muscle knots and joint pain.
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Sports Massage

A hands on treatment crafted to relieve strains, sprains and spasms by excessive physical activity.

Assisted Stretching

A body-work modality where movements are applied to increase circulation and lengthening contracted muscles.

Recovery Plus

An ultimate recovery combination of a deep tissue massage and stretching for mobilization, soreness and tension.


Electrical and manual machinery designed for pain management and muscular contractions.

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