Dry Cupping Therapy in Dubai

Dry Cupping
Dry cupping therapy has been around for years and is an ancient method of alternative medicine where a physiotherapist places a cup commonly in the back, chest, buttocks or legs for a few minutes to create a suction
Increasing Mobility & Flushing the body
It increases the flow of lymph of the lymphatic system by unblocking any barricades in the energy channels and pathways of the body (this means it will aid your body in flushing out toxins) and assists in increasing your range of motion, treating your chronic pain, knee pain and a lot more.
How Cupping Really Works
The force of the suction induced by the cups draws fluid into the treated area. This suction forces the tiny blood vessels (capillaries) to forcefully expand and break, as a result, your body will react to it like treating an injury by stimulating a natural healing process
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Improves Blood Circulation

Dry cupping increases circulation of where the cups are placed reducing tension and spasms. Cupping is also proven to change the skin‘s biomechanical properties, increase pain tolerance and reduce inflammation

Dry cupping
cupping dubai

Relieve Pain

Patients report that after this treatment they feel more mobile, an increased range of motion along with less pain than before.

Dry Cupping At Healthagon

Healthagon provides amongst the greatest cupping services by working with gentleness, precision, hygiene and being timely. Our physiotherapists will ensure to place the right amount of cups in the right place to maximize results.

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Cupping Therapy
Cupping Therapy

What does cupping treat?

■ Headaches and migraines.

■ High blood pressure (hypertension).

■ Back pain, neck pain, knee pain and shoulder pain.

■ Carpal tunnel syndrome.

People Also Ask

Dry cupping therapy is generally a great option for many people but is not recommended in people suspected of any hemorrhage or tumors of any kind. Those recovering from a cardiac arrest in last 6 months are suggested to refrain from this treatment

Dry cupping amplifies your lymphatic system (responsible for
disposing all the body’s waste). The increased flow of blood will flush out any toxins and attract immunity and repair cells to the area.

Dry cupping is a painless service that feels similar to a deep tissue massage benefiting internal organs. Oftenly, cupping will create marks of where the cups were placed that will disappear in a matter of days.

While there are no long term effects of cupping, patients may feel sweating, nausea, mild soreness. Ensure you communicate to your physiotherapist your skin conditions such as eczema, acne or sunburns as cupping may be an unsuitable treatment option.

Cupping is done by placing a cup over the skin and sucking the air out of the cup. This creates a vacuum that pulls the skin up and towards the cup. This encourages the release of fluid and toxins from the skin.

What our customers have to say

Chuck RobinsChuck Robins
11:45 12 Nov 22
I had post delivery sessions with Alaa and I... really loved it. She is nice and friendly, explained everything to me, and made relaxed atmosphere, so I felt very comfy. When I skipped my session she checked if I'm okay, which is really beyond expectations. Most of all, she's got my trust and I'm looking forward going there back again.read more
Oliver HarryOliver Harry
08:27 12 Nov 22
A great service. krushna quickly identified the... issue with my shoulder and worked the area. He then gave me a bunch of exercises to do and a plan to stick to. My shoulder is already starting to feel better. Really wish I’d got in touch with him sooner! Highly recommended.read more
Vickie MichelleVickie Michelle
05:33 12 Nov 22
Dr Alaa is my fave physiotherapist in this whole... wide world! I cannot recommend her enough. Extremely knowledgeable, love her positive vibe and excellent care throughout my whole recovery period ☺️read more
Tolx KivenTolx Kiven
05:29 12 Nov 22
The best physio clinic I have seen ever, the... physiotherapists are very much competent about their job. My wife and me, we both were struggling due to nerve pain, after physio clinic treatment all cured completely. Thanks Dr. Krushna.read more
Anna ClarkAnna Clark
05:08 12 Nov 22
Beautifully decorated with exceptional, tentative... staff who have world class knowledge and provide excellent service. The clinic actually understand athletes and want to fix you. Genuinely the best sports clinic I’ve ever been to. Would highly recommend going here over any other sports injury clinic in Dubai.read more
Omar Al BusaidyOmar Al Busaidy
07:47 05 Sep 22
Younus my physio therapist...did an excellent... job... I feel so much better after pulling my lower back muscle.....great service and a great job...read more
Mohammed Al MararMohammed Al Marar
17:49 03 Sep 22
I have been suffering from a pain in my left... shoulder for several years more than 15 years maybe today from only one session is the first time in my life someone release the tension in my muscle I really recommend anyone who suffers from any pain in any muscle to visit the center and give it a try the staff is really welcoming and they are very professional thank you very much Mr. Krishna who helpped me to solve my shoulder problem.read more
Kash MeeraKash Meera
14:39 25 Aug 22
Dr. Alaa is truly amazing. She listened to all my... issues and made me very comfortable and told me step by step what she is doing and why. She was so nice to talk to as well. It felt like she really loves what she is doing. Honestly the best.read more
lina thomaslina thomas
15:10 27 May 22
Extremely professional service carried out byDr.... Alaa for my father who’s 80+.Also a special shout out to the customer service officer Ms Huda, who coordinated everything like clockwork. No hesitation in recommending their services.☺️☺️read more

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