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Sports Massage Can Help You Recover Faster

Despite its name, it is not crafted only for sportsmen. Sports therapy is a form of deep tissue massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue for patients who participate in regular physical activity. Sports therapy uses the principles of movement, exercise science and physiological processes to prepare patients for exercising, competition and beyond.

Sports Massage or Therapy?

Prior, during or after exercise, the application of sports massages will increase the patient’s flexibility, boost recovery and prevent movement related injuries. Sports therapy techniques have also been proven to increase lymph flow (assist your body in flushing toxins). The primary goal of the treatment is to reduce tension and built-up stress found in the soft tissue during exercise.

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It Works: The Anatomy

Sports massages relieve a patient’s muscular tension by breaking down adhesions (bands of scar tissue). These collections of cells and collagen cover the site of an injury, surgery or ance. In scar tissue, collagen proteins grow in a single direction unlike healthy skin, it grows in a multidirectional pattern. This muscular structure decreases elasticity causing the area to feel tight and restrict her or his range of movement.

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Physiological Benefits of Sports Therapy

Venous Return

Venous return is the rate in which the blood flow returns back to the heart. The rate is dependent on pressure induced by muscle contractions on the veins. Deep effleurage is performed in the direction of where the heart pushes the blood through veins increasing venous return which will eliminate any chances of blood clots and boost recovery.

Increased Temperature

The massage itself generates heat in the tissues by the friction created with the hands and the surface of the skin. The friction creates dilation in the vessels and capillaries allowing warm blood to flow in the area. Warm muscles are better at contracting and making patients less prone to strains or sprains.

Lymphatic Drainage

The primary goal of your body’s lymphatic system is to get rid of bodily waste and harmful toxins. A lot of the waste such as lactic acid and pyruvic acid build up in the muscle causing pain, stiffness and interfere with the recovery of the muscle.

Tissue Plasticity

The stretching manipulations such as wringing and skin rolling have the physiological effect of moving the tissue transversely making the muscle fibers stretch to a greater extent. Patientscmay feel more flexible as muscles are lifted, moved over and separated, increasing the patient’s range of motion.

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Why Sports Therapy
  • Reduce Recovery Time
  • Decrease Chances Of Injuries, Strains and Spasms
  • Maximize Athletic Performance and Endurance
  • Better Quality Of Sleep
Common Conditions We Treat
  • Sprains And Strains
  • Shin Splints: Medial Tibial Border Syndrome (MTBC)
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Thigh, Hamstring, Calf And Ankle Strain

Sports Therapy at Healthagon

At Healthagon, the physiotherapists execute sports therapy with their extensive education and training in movement related injuries. They will begin by conducting an initial injury assessment. Here our physiotherapists will attempt to understand your injury and its root cause; then, the physiotherapist will use therapy techniques catered personally for the patients goals. After the physical therapist ensures you are near the end of your sessions, he or she will begin taking you to the rehabilitation area for exercising your weakened muscle.

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Is Sports Therapy For Me?

Sports therapy is not limited to athletes! It is a liable option for anyone who is in need of soft tissue mobilization. It helps those with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) which causes tightness and can occur in anyone. It is also ideal for those who look to prevent injury when newly participating in fitness to maximize their performance and results. It decreases pain making it ideal for those who are prone to injuries

People Also Ask :

Area : Massages often cover the entire body, whereas sport massages target specific areas of the body in need of relief and recovery.
Pressure : Massages are made to feel relaxing, in sports therapy extensive firm pressure is put on the areas by the physiotherapist that are uncomfortable in the time-being but a relief later.
Techniques : Sports therapy uses medical grade techniques proven to treat conditions whereas massages techniques are for general relief of the entire body.

Absolutely Not! Sports therapy is applicable to a wide diverse range of people, from people who participate in minimal exercises to those who sit in an office environment or who work where they are put in conditions that cause discomfort.

Many patients report feeling relief or that their “muscle knot” has been sorted. Expect to feel a degree of discomfort and soreness. Some patients report feeling “loose” and fatigued, which is natural since your upper-muscles have been penetrated.

To maximize your results and benefits, you should at least allow your body to rest and recover for 24 hours. Anything more than light swimming, yoga and walking is not recommended.

What our customer says

Chuck RobinsChuck Robins
11:45 12 Nov 22
I had post delivery sessions with Alaa and I... really loved it. She is nice and friendly, explained everything to me, and made relaxed atmosphere, so I felt very comfy. When I skipped my session she checked if I'm okay, which is really beyond expectations. Most of all, she's got my trust and I'm looking forward going there back more
Oliver HarryOliver Harry
08:27 12 Nov 22
A great service. krushna quickly identified the... issue with my shoulder and worked the area. He then gave me a bunch of exercises to do and a plan to stick to. My shoulder is already starting to feel better. Really wish I’d got in touch with him sooner! Highly more
Vickie MichelleVickie Michelle
05:33 12 Nov 22
Dr Alaa is my fave physiotherapist in this whole... wide world! I cannot recommend her enough. Extremely knowledgeable, love her positive vibe and excellent care throughout my whole recovery period ☺️read more
Tolx KivenTolx Kiven
05:29 12 Nov 22
The best physio clinic I have seen ever, the... physiotherapists are very much competent about their job. My wife and me, we both were struggling due to nerve pain, after physio clinic treatment all cured completely. Thanks Dr. more
Anna ClarkAnna Clark
05:08 12 Nov 22
Beautifully decorated with exceptional, tentative... staff who have world class knowledge and provide excellent service. The clinic actually understand athletes and want to fix you. Genuinely the best sports clinic I’ve ever been to. Would highly recommend going here over any other sports injury clinic in more
Omar Al BusaidyOmar Al Busaidy
07:47 05 Sep 22
Younus my physio therapist...did an excellent... job... I feel so much better after pulling my lower back muscle.....great service and a great more
Mohammed Al MararMohammed Al Marar
17:49 03 Sep 22
I have been suffering from a pain in my left... shoulder for several years more than 15 years maybe today from only one session is the first time in my life someone release the tension in my muscle I really recommend anyone who suffers from any pain in any muscle to visit the center and give it a try the staff is really welcoming and they are very professional thank you very much Mr. Krishna who helpped me to solve my shoulder more
Kash MeeraKash Meera
14:39 25 Aug 22
Dr. Alaa is truly amazing. She listened to all my... issues and made me very comfortable and told me step by step what she is doing and why. She was so nice to talk to as well. It felt like she really loves what she is doing. Honestly the more
lina thomaslina thomas
15:10 27 May 22
Extremely professional service carried out byDr.... Alaa for my father who’s 80+.Also a special shout out to the customer service officer Ms Huda, who coordinated everything like clockwork. No hesitation in recommending their services.☺️☺️read more

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