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Relationship between headaches and neck, shoulder, and jaw pain

Dr. Alaa

It can be easy to link your symptoms when you awaken with a stiff neck, shoulder pain, and a headache — and there's a high chance they are connected. But does your neck discomfort make your headaches worse, or does your head and shoulder pain make your neck hurt? Sometimes there are no known explanations for these aches and pains, but certain illnesses, such as tension headaches, can link all three symptoms.

Other potential causes include abnormalities with the jaw, posture, or ergonomics. Excedrin helps ease headache, neck, and shoulder discomfort, but determining the underlying reason can aid in choosing the best course of action.


At some point in their lives, many people will have neck and shoulder pain. Studies indicate that physical as well as psychosocial (a fusion of psychological and social) variables may be involved in the development of neck and shoulder pain.
Physical factors include prolonged sitting, working in the same position for an extended period of time, sustaining a bent forward head position for an extended period of time, exerting force and repetition, working with the hands overhead, and prolonged computer use.
Neck pain
In addition, psychological or psychosocial variables including mental stress can cause neck and shoulder pain in some people. There is evidence that some persons experience neck and shoulder pain from high-strain professions, which are positions with high demands but limited control. It's interesting to note that employees with occupations that demand a lot of control and have high demands have a similar correlation with neck and shoulder pain

Are headaches a result of shoulder and neck pain?

It is common for headaches to coexist with neck and shoulder pain, which can also either cause or aggravate headaches. Studies reveal that a rise in the soreness of the muscles in the neck and shoulders frequently coexists with tension-type headaches.
Studies reveal that a rise in the soreness of the muscles in the neck and shoulders frequently coexists with tension - type headaches.
And the 2 main reasons include:
 Trigger points are painful areas of tenderness that exist in the muscles or connective tissues of the body.
 Muscles that are too tight may develop trigger points that feel like nodules or knots.

Shoulder, Neck, and Head Pain be brought on by jaw issues?

shoulder pain
Yes. You may have a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) condition if you frequently wake up with a headache, combined with a sore neck and shoulders. You may experience injury or misalignment of the TMJ, the joint that joins your jaw to your skull just in front of your ear if you have TMJ Syndrome (also known as TMJ dysfunction). Headaches and neck, shoulder, and back pain are all potential side effects of TMJ in some people.

How can neck, shoulder, and headache pain be relieved?

Identifying the source is the first step in diagnosing, treating, or preventing any headaches or neck and shoulder pain. You might wish to consult a healthcare expert for assistance on how to achieve that. The majority of the issues we've listed above can be diagnosed by your doctor or physical therapist, however, if you suspect you could have TMJ dysfunction, you might also opt to speak to your dentist.

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