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What conditions can physiotherapy treat?

Physiotherapy is a healthcare science focused towards helping people with mobility problems. These mobility problems can be as a result of sports, every day physical activity, injury, disability and even age. The end goal is to treat pain, help with recovery and aid in improving daily life. 

In order to aid recovery and mobility, physiotherapists need to have knowledge of numerous body systems to be able to assess and treat the different ailments that can be the source of pain or mobility restriction. 

 As such, physiotherapists target numerous body systems in order to help their clients to regain the mobility required for physical activity, to ward off or to recover from disability, to manage chronic or acute conditions, to recuperate after an injury and to avoid re-occurrence of problems. One of the most common questions that are asked is what conditions can physiotherapy treat? Read on to learn about specific conditions that this branch of healthcare can be used to address.  

Muscle Aches

Many people suffer from from muscle aches that can affect various parts of the body. A physiotherapist, can reduce stiffness, soothe the muscles by stimulating blood flow through various techniques, get rid of knots and trigger points, and lessen pain.


Many people find themselves on the receiving end of serious injury stemming from mishaps like a vehicle accident or a slip-and-fall event. In such instances, rehabilitation can play a vital role in helping people to get back on their feet again. Physiotherapists are trained to develop and implement pulmonary and cardiac programs to bolster muscle strength, to enhance circulation, and to improve overall mobility. For serious accidents resulting in injury, rehabilitation may also require measures to keep pain under control.


one of the most common conditions associated with the aging process is arthritis and it can be a very painful acute condition. However, people living with this arthritis can find relief through physiotherapy. Physiotherapists can reduce joint rigidity and facilitate blood flow to aid the muscles and encourage flexibility more mobility.

Sports Accidents

Athletes have a higher likelyhood to be subjected to strains and sprains, this is due to their constant activity and strenuous efforts. A physiotherapist can help by, recommending certain types of exercises that will help regain strength and mobility to the affected area, taping or bracing problem areas and employing icing to help athletes to heal properly.

Respiratory Issues

Physiotherapy can help people with a range of respiratory issues such as cystic fibrosis, which is an ailment that adversely impacts the digestive system and the lungs. Specifically, these health professionals can introduce special exercises to facilitate better breathing, to keep pain under control and to encourage optimal posture. Other issues that can be treated with physiotherapy include asthma and pneumonia.

Physiotherapy can definitely be used to treat various conditions such as the aforementioned. People with these or other conditions should consult with their doctors to determine whether or not they might be aided by physiotherapy.

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